Friday, November 7, 2008

Boy's Boy's Boy's

You are never quite sure what you'll see with a house full of boy's.
Here are a couple of examples.
Matt & Ethan sharing a snack. I'm not sure who's the bigger kid.

I slept in this morning and Matt got up with the kids. When I came downstairs, I asked Matt where the kids were and he pointed to the closet. When I opened it I found my two youngest sitting in the closet playing. Ethan loves watching his brother. Dad loves when brother is watching Ethan.

~ ~ Last of the Halloween Pictures ~ ~

I think these are the last of the Halloween pictures. The kids (and Dad) had way too much fun this year. They've promised even bigger and better next year! The picture of Ethan was just too cute in his pumpkin hat. You cant help but smile when you see it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday Soccer

You have to love Kindergarden soccer-the season is short, practice just once a week and nobody keeps score...and you always get treats at the end of the game! Logans last game is saturday. He has had soo much fun, though I don't have to worry about being recruted for some traveling team, Logans coach described him as a butterfly! He just loves to run around and cheer everyone on! Wish sports could stay this way!