Saturday, June 27, 2009

Noahs wet and wild 10th birthday

For Noahs 10th birthday we waited until June to have a swim/water slide party. The weather was actually unusally cool...but with boys and toys nothing slowed them down!

The water slide was 18 feet high and the boys had soo much fun inventing new ways to go down. The best was not caught on film-was the game of king of the hill with Matt on top of the slide. The boys loved that the best!

Logan soaking up the water!

More boys...(we has 14 of them!!)

Noah is not a cake kind of guy-he choose instead to have brownies and icecram. It was a big hit! (and they were no ordinary brownies-these were Giradelli triple chocolate brownies!)

Happy 10th birthay!!! Noah is growing into such an amazing young man. He has this calm and accepting personality Ive never heard a mean comment about how someone looks. He is soo easy to be with. He is the BEST big brother ever-he is so loving and kind and helpful. He is truely amazing. He is very generous and sweet. He is like me in that he is very cautionous-thinks things out, not a big risk taker but knows how to have fun. I must have done something right in heaven to deserve to be his mom. I am soo proud of him!! Happy 10th birthday!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Your Thoughts....

We decided to paint our trim on the house and make it stand out a bit more. We are thinking about adding some stone and possibly a wood garage door as well. Let us know what you think!

Before Picture

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm number 1 !!

It's only once you get to be one-so we celebrated Ethans first birthday with a bbq/swim. Nothing extravagent-just some friends and family (and lots of giant cupcakes!) This picture is of my niece Zoey sneaking a cupcake!

Even big kids, Rebecca and Jason couldn't resist those giant cupcakes!

Ethan not quite sure about this whole birthday thing!
It didn't take long for him to warm up to the frosting!

Happy birthay baby boy!! The year has flown by-the way they always say it will. You have added soo much joy and giggles to our family. We are all better for knowing and loving you. We love you baby bear!!
Ethan turns 1 !!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memorial day to remember

What do you do on a three day weekend with friends who also have 3 boys? Yes, thats 6 little boys and lots of ENERGY!! We decided to head to bass lake for memorial day weekend and we weren't disapointed-we all had a blast!!

Here the boys are at surgerpine railrod learning about gold panning and how the west was won! (and you get to buy real fools gold for suveniours-way cool!)

We took a ride in the old steam train at surgerpine-just above Bass lake. The boys loved it when the train blew off the steam. There is just something about boys and trains.

All the boys waiting eagerly to board the train!

Warming up there jet ski moves..we took the boys out on the lake and we didn't loose one!(better luck next time-ha ha!)

Ethan just hanging out on is good!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Logan's Limo

Matt has been off the last few days and he has been picking up Logan from school on his new (old) bike. All the kids at Logan's school think he is the coolest and everyone wants a ride! It's also been quite the attraction with the neighborhood kids as well.
Matt and the boys are always bringing home old junky bikes. When Matt said he had a coworker who was throwing this old tandem away and wanted to bring it home, I had my reservations. Our garage is full of bikes! He assured me that I would like this one. He spent a couple of weeks polishing out the rust, put new seats on, and tuned it up. I think it turned out pretty cute and it's fun to ride!

1971 Schwinn Twinn Delux - aka The Yellow Submarine