Sunday, February 28, 2010

xmas eve brunch at uncle bobs

For xmas eve brunch we headed over to uncle Bob's. This is always a highlight for my boys. They love to run around, chase chickens, take rides on the old truck and just hang out with family. (It doesnt help that there is always more dessert then food at uncle Bobs too!)

Ethan and cousin Jamie

Aunt Becky and the boys taking a ride on the old truck

What a great way to start the holiday festivities!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

GingerBread Houses and Tree Triming

This year we deviated from our favorite gingerbread reciepe and it was a MESS! The roof would not stick, the walls kept falling down...after much work and LOTS of frosting we made a house! Good thing we didnt need to pass code...

Next year I think I will just lay out a ton of candy and a bowl of frosting and call it good...the house is really just an excuse to eat tons for candy!

Time to deck that tree!

I did this with the boys this makes Matt crazy! So we turned on our Christmas Bop for kids and pulled out the decorations and had at it!

The kids love decorating for Christmas inside and out! They love really get into it!

Even Ethan wanted to help! He kept say "apple -apple" and putting them on the tree! Of cousrse the tree was a little unbalanced...all the non breakables on the bottom and the breakables on top! It all turned out beautiful!! It was offically looking like Christmas in our home!

Starting to look a lilttle like Christmas....

The beginning of the Christmas season is always marked with the start of almost nonstop baking! This year I had a new least with cleaning the beaters!!

He takes this new responsibilty very seriously!

And the "Holiday Program"at school is always soo much fun! This year they wore these adorable reindeer antlers! (Ethan just doing whatever his brothers are doing...even if they are just wearing silly hats!)

Logan front row singing his heart out! I think I cry every year! They truely just are soo dang cute up there!

You cant help but feel the spirt of the season with such cute kids around!! They truely bring the magic of the season into our home!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


For the 2nd year in a row Matt has coached Dry Creeks Lego Robotics group. The season starts in sep. and ends just before thanksgiving. The boys meet once or twice a week to work on the creating the platform, programming the robot and the presentation project. This year the theme was on transportation. Heres a few pics of the early stages of getting things set up.

The boys did great this year! We were soo proud of them! The came in 3rd for robot design and really wowed the judges with thier 'co-exist' theme for thier oral presantaions! WAY TO GO ROBO PANTHERS!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thanksgivng in Nebraska

This was a very special thanksgiving this year. We were able to visit all our family that we hardly ever get to see in Nebraska. Most specialy the kids got to meet their great grandma, who passed away one week after our visit. When the kids learnd we were going to Nebraska they were excited to see cousins, fly on a plane and snow. Two out of three is not bad!

No snow this year, so we played in the leaves!! All week we were there is was windy and cool, but turkey day turned out beutiful:) Cousins Breanna and Monica.

King of the leaves!

All the cousins!!

Turkey day is not complete without a game of football!!

Future football player??? Palmers vs Palmers...intense game!!

The farm museum in Nebraska-super cute farm!

Learning about farm equipment

Future farmers

Scottsbluff monument-where the mormon pioneers came through

Learning about our heritage

Scottsbluff Museum

Pizza and movie nite with BOY cousins!! Too much fun!!

Hanging out with cousin Raymond

games with cousing Julian. We had a wonderful time-wish we were closer to all our family!! Love them all!! So much to be grateful for!!