Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fall Pictures

I love fall its truely one of my most favoite times of the year. Its so beutiful with the leaves changing and thanksgiving just around the corner-you can't help but love this time of year! This year we had a friend take some family shots at our park near our home that was full of fall color-I think they turned out great!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

more halloween!

I know everyone is decorating for Christmas and making thier wish lists, but I just couldn't move on till the last of the Halloween pictures had been posted! Seems I just cant get ahead!

Nija, Yoda and motercycle rider-All soo cute! Ethan loved the hat but wanted nothing to do with the rest of his outfit! Got to love toddlers!

Pumkin time! Fun for mom this year because I got to just watch and toast pumkin seeds!

Eeeeww! Pumkin guts!!

Double eeewwww!

Noah at our church Halloween party-they went all out! Slides, games, dinner (and of course CANDY!) -all soo fun for the kids!

How can you resist Santa baby??

Two ninja! beware! The white is Logan and the black nija is his friend Davis. We had a great Halloween. The chuch party was on thursday and halloween on friday, so the kids had more candy then they knew what to do with! (of course I had a few ideas...)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Im such a sucker for a pumkin patch. I just cant go to the store and buy a pumkin, it has to be a whole production. This year we were soo busy we didn't make it to our favorite pumkin patch, so we had to find a new spot to pick out our pumkins. Matt saw this place-the kids loved it. It was pumkin patch/carnival. It was a big hit. It may be hard to sell them on my cute pumkin patch next year!

The perfect pumkin

How much for that super cute long one on the left?

The mega slide...

Our littlest pumkin :)

I love fall and all the tradions and colors it brings to our home. This time of year reminds me I have soo much to be grateful for. I love being mom to these amazing boys, and wife to my husband who is such a good expample to us all. For all our family and friends who help us in so many ways make all the ends meet and keep our family happy and strong. I am so grateful!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Papas House

This last weekend was a four day weekend for the kiddos. The teachers claim its "conference day" and "buy back day", but really we all know they just dont want 30 kids hyped up on halloween candy (really I cant blame them). So, on these long weekends when we grownups still have to work, the boys go out to nana and papas house (almost as much fun as disneyland in their eyes). They get to "help" in papas garage, ride quads and motercycles, build forts and play outside. Yes, nana and papa land is a very happy place indeed!

Noahs big quad...the more mud the better

anything with wheels is fun in the dirt

Ethan in his hot rod

All the boys on their quads, even Ethan loves to ride at 18 mo. !

The beginning of the fort. What cute boys I have!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ghosts in the Graveyard

Every year the boys look forward to decorating for Halloween. Every year they add a little something to make it just a bit more creepier. They love making the graveyard!

Who knew a ghost could be soo cute??

zombie's too!


Good fun!

The graveyard at its eeriest at nite! Beware!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Disney Halloween

There never is a bad time to go to Disneyland-but throw in a holiday season and it really just makes it all that more magical. Pumkins and candycorn everywhere, yes, its finally feeling like fall around here! This was a great trip-much needed family play time after the start of the school year. We went with Papa Marc, grandma Di, uncle John and Aunt Heather and there two muchkins Little Johnny and zoey, and even uncle Chris came to play! We said this trip was for the kids...but really we know the truth!

Ethan adjusting his ears! He loved those ears and wore them for a week after we got home!

The trip was extra special meeting up with our good friends the Parkins! We adore thier kids! And what a treat for our kids..cousins and friends at Disney??? It just doesnt get any better!

This is one of our favorite rides-the roaring rapids in California adventures! Here the boys are going on it again!!

Such cute kids!!

The gang

Zoeys first ears

How can you resist taking a picture in front of a mickey pumkin??? Ahh, yes-this was a great trip. All for the kids, right? He He :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Last camp out

It almost seems wrong to be bloging about camping in October-but this was just a month ago on Labor day weekend. And not to mention, here fall hasn't even begun. It was still a warm 84 degrees today! (technically, this could have been last weekend!)

Logans favorite part of fishing is playing with the bait! Though, this year he lasted a little longer since santa brought the 'rocket fishing rod'. But we are still talking minutes, not hours.

The boys at shaver lake. This is day one. We were allready soo very dirty. Matt even sporting a beard, or is that a 5:00 shadow?

Whats a lake with out sand toys?? Ethan hard at work on the shore.

Matt and Noah attempting sailing. It was an adventure that didnt last long-both kept wodering where the motor was. There was a need for more speed. We had so much fun this weekend at boyscout camp. Tried new things (some we loved, some not so much), got REALLY dirty and ate mystery meat in the cafateria. Boys came home singing camp songs, more intouch with nature and each other. It was all good. We hope to repeat next year :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The end of the mullet

Yes, its true. I finally cut the mullet off. I couldnt stand the pressure anymore-the comments on his hair and what a beutiful girl we had got to me. I had to cut the curls. Yes, I saved them. But as you can see Ethan was quite ready for his big day and did great. Give that boy a wheel and he's good to go.

Finnished !! He looks so much older now! One more milestone checked off!

Monday, September 7, 2009

25 Seconds of FAME

On our last camping trip we were followed around by the NBC Today Show- it was a ton of fun and the kids felt like they were movie stars! And we got a few freebees too! It is amazing though-this footage was over 4 hours long and after the editing it ended up only 25 seconds! (and this was NOT our labor day campout! It was 4th of July!) Oh, well- we enjoyed our national fame-fleeting as it may be!

Here is the link to the complete video if you are interested:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ah, yes-the return to school days has come! The end of the summer campouts, endless video games, homemade icecream and baseball games. Knowing all this, my boys were still excited to see the first day of school. They were well prepared-new shoes, backpacks, and hair cuts all jumped started their enthusiasom. Logan most excited that in first grade you get THREE recesses and Noah most excited to play basketball this year. As for me, just excited to get back into some sort of routine!

First day of school-Noah was a great big brother and made sure Logan found his way around on the 'big' playground! After thier first day, Logan said "first grade rocks!" and Noah said " Its waaay better then 4th grade!" We'll check back in a few weeks and see if anything has changed!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009


There are mountain people and there are ocean people. Luckly, for our boys they have one of each for a parent! (that is why we are content to live in fresno..halfway between both!) I am the ocean lover. As soon as we are near the ocean, I just have to open the window and smell that salty, fishy air to feel at peace. I love everything about the ocean and do my part to share that with the kids. Matt likes the ocean, but as soon as he smells the ocean, all he can think of is sand in his shorts and sticky seaweed. He is the mountain man. He feels at peace with the smell of pine trees. I like the pine trees, but as soon as I smell them I know im in for sticky pinecones and dirty toes! For this was all ocean baby!!

I think I can turn them into ocean kids yet!

Logan getting a lift from his big brother!

There is nothing quite as fun as being chased by the waves! You have to zoom in to see the smile on those faces..its awesome!

picture perfect is truely a beach!

It just doesnt get any better then this for boys and the ocean!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Play ball!

Its officaly summer time when you head off to the grizzly stadium for a some baseball! Its even better when you meet up with grandparents, cousins and friends for some good ol fashion fun! This nite the Jammies (kids musical group) played and there was free vanilla icecream for all...nice way to spend a summer evening!
Ethan and Matt..what do we get first? Peanuts, icecream, slurrpy?? So many choices!

Our friends the Moores :)

Papa marc and Noah and Logan hanging out