Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slave labor- I mean fun family project!

What I love about Matt is that he teaches the boys how to work hard and play hard! I also love that, to them this is a fun day helping dad in the yard (of course we did have a few bribes to keep them going...lots of popsicles and soda!) They did take a rather long lunch break (not really part of thier union contract..) but when it was time to kick it back in overdrive and move the last of the 7 yards of bark they were there! They did awesome and had a great time-they even had there friends helping! Love my boys:>

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The TALK(Ug!)

These are pictures of my oldest beutiful baby boy when he was just 3years old...where has the time gone?? A friend of mine was telling us of how she had just had THE talk with her 4th grade son the other day, I smiled to myself smuggly that this sweet little boy (oK he's now 9 !) could not possibly wonder about THAT! I mean I did make it though my whole pregnancy without having to really expalin how I got that way! Then the other day we were shopping and walking in the mall and he said he had a question about what some of the kids were talking about on the playgound....well, there we were. Me totallly unprepared. I winged it. I think I did ok. Not too much information...have to save something for the father-son chat, right? I'm glad he felt comfortable talking to me and hope he will continue to come to me for anything. I still remember my dad giving me THE Talk, it wasnt pretty. Me, him and the encyclopedia. Oh, how time flys. Noah just seems older now that I know he know that stuff. The age of innocence is so short!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh to be young!

You have to love kindergarden! Its been 4 years since Noah was in kindergarden and I forget how much fun it is! They have a hat for every day of school hat, ground hog day hat, 100th day of school hat, George washingtons b-day hat, Dr. Seus get the picture. Lately in class they have been teased by a lepracon named shawn-he has left foot prints everywhere, notes to the kids and even left his pants behind one day! Logan has has soo much fun with these lepracons, and Noah has had just as much fun egging him on (he swares he saw that lepracon out on the playground but couldn't catch him!) Logan tells everyone Noah SAW the lepracon so it must be true! Today shawn came to our house and made a mess in the kitchen-all the chairs were on the table and gold coins everywhere! He even turned the milk green and we ate green french toast for breakfeast! It sad to think next year it will be all math facts, and reading scores....I think I will have to remember old shawn and invite him back next year!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

snow day

The kids beg all year for the snow day...finally we broke down and took them last saturday. I knew if we didn't go soon with this warm weather, there would be no hope. Im not big on cold and wet. Im glad we went-we had a blast! It was truely beutiful up there! I think the kids liked going down the sled with me more then dad because I screamed every time! We had snow ball fights and made snow angels and introduced Ethan to the whole thing. We were all glad to get home to warm clothes and hot baths...were good for another year!