Wednesday, April 28, 2010

and more basketball!

What one loves so does the other! And that goes for basketball! Logan isnt old enough to play at school yet, so he played with the Buchanan Bears. They meet just once a week and work on skills and drills. Oh, and most important they sell donuts. So its all good.

Way to go Logan!!

warm up drills

A real serious looking group! Got to love team sports at first grade level! So much fun!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Basketball Season

Noah LOVES basketball...loves to play it and loves to watch Fresno State play. This year he got to do both! As a 5th grader he was able to play for his school and loved it!

He had a great coach and a great season. He may not be the fastest player out there, but as you can see, he plays with all his heart and truely loves the game! Way to go Cougars!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let it snow!!!

Once a year we make our way up the hill to play in the snow-the kids look forward to it all year. Lucky for us this year we had tons of much more fun to throw a snowball in!!

Always tons of fun to ride the sled!

Cute kids!!

Our funny little snow man (the one on the right :) )

Did someone say snowball fight??


A perfect day up at shaver! The sun was shinning, tons of snow on the ground, we packed our picnic luch, played and laughed! I think Im finally getting the hang of the snow day thing...pack 2 of everything (yes even underware) and twice as many snacks as think you will need!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mother Son Dance

The theme this year was "rock concert". My boys thought that was waay cool-so they each grabbed their favorite rock n roll t-shirt and off we went! (gotta love boys!) I love that Noah still goes to these school dances with me even though he is in 5th grade! Most boys in his class don't go anymore-but he knows how much Logan and I love it, so hes in. (it doesnt hurt that I buy dinner at Red Robin!) We have a great time haging out-watching Logan rip up the dance floor with his crazy moves, or all doing the chicken dance. I love hangging out with my boys!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hearst Castle

While at the coast we decided to take an adventure to Hearst Castle. I will have to admit I was a little nervous about taking 3 boys to "hands off" adventure! But I have fond memories of going when I was a little girl with my grandma and wanted to the same for my kids. The kids did great! They were in awe of such an amazing "house"-the inside and outside pools, tennis courts, and endless rooms-all with amazing views of the ocean and mouontains. At the end of the tour the tour the boys even tried to convince nana to volunteer so she could invite them to the volunteer pool party at the castle! Now that would be an adventure!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Bye 2009

We said goodbye to 2009 and welcomed 2010 at our favorite spot on the coast. There was no ball dropping or confetti, just late nite watching star track and snacking. Then a beutiful walk in the morning to our favorite coffee spot, for the most amazing hot chocolate(wip cream, sprinkles and a cookie-who needs the hot chocolate??) And latter elephant seal watching with Nana and Papa. Perfect. I think it will be a good year.

Noah is the most loving brother I could ever ask for . His brothers adore him.

Logan going out on a limb.

The world is my palygorund!

The smile says it all. Truely the most amazing hot chocolate.

Watching the elephant seals on the coast with Papa. You cant see there faces but you just know there is a giant smile and wide eyes. Beutiful. Happy New year!!