Thursday, November 12, 2009


Im such a sucker for a pumkin patch. I just cant go to the store and buy a pumkin, it has to be a whole production. This year we were soo busy we didn't make it to our favorite pumkin patch, so we had to find a new spot to pick out our pumkins. Matt saw this place-the kids loved it. It was pumkin patch/carnival. It was a big hit. It may be hard to sell them on my cute pumkin patch next year!

The perfect pumkin

How much for that super cute long one on the left?

The mega slide...

Our littlest pumkin :)

I love fall and all the tradions and colors it brings to our home. This time of year reminds me I have soo much to be grateful for. I love being mom to these amazing boys, and wife to my husband who is such a good expample to us all. For all our family and friends who help us in so many ways make all the ends meet and keep our family happy and strong. I am so grateful!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Papas House

This last weekend was a four day weekend for the kiddos. The teachers claim its "conference day" and "buy back day", but really we all know they just dont want 30 kids hyped up on halloween candy (really I cant blame them). So, on these long weekends when we grownups still have to work, the boys go out to nana and papas house (almost as much fun as disneyland in their eyes). They get to "help" in papas garage, ride quads and motercycles, build forts and play outside. Yes, nana and papa land is a very happy place indeed!

Noahs big quad...the more mud the better

anything with wheels is fun in the dirt

Ethan in his hot rod

All the boys on their quads, even Ethan loves to ride at 18 mo. !

The beginning of the fort. What cute boys I have!!