Saturday, January 30, 2010

Early Bird

My dad and I both LOVE turkey day, truely almost more then Christmas. Its all the good stuff without the worry of "did I get the right size" or "will they like it??" Just great food and great company. This year with us leaving to Nebraska for Turkey day, we decided to have an early bird day. Just ment we got to start counting our blessing early! Truely so much to be grateful for!

Cousin Zoey playing with logan (she adores him)

The master bird chef and his beutiful assistant

Logan, just being Logan

Ethan and cousin Johnny playing. Binki buddies.

Big kids in an intense game of Monopooly before dinner. Like I said lots of fun, and family and no one disapointed that they didnt get batteries with it. Happy early bird day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Papas Hot Rod

I decided to take our christmas pictures this year out at nana and papas house with the Hot Rod. The boys LOVE it when papa picks them up in the hotrods from school and hanging our in papas shop-I thought this would make the whole christmas picture thing way more fun! And (of course) I was right!

This is the one I choose for our cards. Of course its the one they did on their own, with out me posing them. I just love how genuinely affectionate they are for each other-a sweet moment with ethan showing off his latest find.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coach Matt

This year Logans soccer team needed a coach, so with a little encouragement Matt stepped up. He didnt know much about the game at first and had to have Noah be his assistant for the first few practices, but then every thing feel into place. Coach Doug became assistant, Noah became ball boy and the boys (and Matt) began to learn the game!

Way to go Raptors!!!