Thursday, April 23, 2009

spring cleaner for hire

Can't find that ice scream scoop you bought last summer? Or that favorite color of nail polish? I have the perfect solution for you! This little guy can really clean out those cupboards and drawers for you in no time flat (turn your back and its done!) Works for cheerios (prefers the honey nut flavor) and does need afternoon naps after hard days work.

As you can see he really gets into his work!

Also specialing in unrolling toilet paper, demolishing brothers legos and empting baby wipe containers.
*****not responsible for slobbered or chewed items, or cupboards/drawers over 2 feet high. special circumstances may apply. No coupons necessary.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eggcellant Easter

For Easter we went to uncle Bobs house (you might as well tell the kids they are going to Disneyland) they LOVE uncle Bobs! We had a great bbq lunch, played horseshoes, croquet, water balloon toss, rode in and on the old truck and of course had an Easter egg hunt. The kids had so much fun running around and playing with family-they wore us out! And to top the day off the kids got to go home with nana and papa for a sleep over.... life is good! And we were exhausted!

Food always tastes better when you eat it outside.

Noah practicing to take the old truck out for a spin!

Ethan just hanging out with papa and nana.

Logans fancy moves on the crouquet game!

Water ballon toss-beware...there are always sore losers!

Baily looking so stylish off to find more eggs!

The gang after a ride on the old truck

Dad and Ethan checking out the chickens...or the other way around

Jamie just being her cute self:)

Super Bob-making burgers and hot dogs extradanaire!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dad's Lil Cowboy!

Big Hat Days is always a good time to pull out your cowboy boots, wrangler jeans, big rodeo buckle, and your big hat. I think this is Matt's favorite time of year (this and the fair). I think it reminds him of Western Nebraska where he grew up. We can't wait for the Rodeo at the end of the month!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We took advantage of this beutiful spring weather and had some family photos taken by a friend of ours-I think they came out GREAT! Its not an easy thing to do with 3 little boys!! We found this patch of wild flowers (ok pretty weeds) that just seemed to scream "spring"-the boys had fun, and I found it wasnt too painful being on the other side of the camera! We might have to do this more often!