Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All roads lead to the ocean

It seems when ever we have a break, we head to the ocean. Spring break was no diffent. I just love the ocean-it doesnt really matter what city along the coast (we do have our favorites) but just let me smell that fishy ocean smell and a bowl of clam chowder and Im in heaven!

Beutiful MoroBay where they sell the BEST salt water taffy ever!!

Seashell collecting at Pismo

Litterally eating SANDwiches...

The boys LOVE to ride their quads!! And what a beutiful day for it!!

Ahhh...another great trip to the ocean! Seems like all the roads just lead us to the Ocean!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easter at Uncle Bobs

Nothing says easter like heading out to Uncle Bobs. Its a chance for the family to get together and play and catch up. The boys love running around his huge yard and sneaking countless cupcakes while the adults are visiting. And of course the egg hunt! Super fun!

Volleyball for all!

Cutie Jamie counts her eggs with her Nana

Uncle Bob teaches Noah the ins and outs of horse shoe's

Ethan enjoying the drivers seat

Logan searching for those eggs

Noah on the hunt

Who can really wait to eat the treats???

Baskets ready...set go!

And a chance to meet our new cousin Apollo...(cousin page is going to make a great babysitter!)
What an eggcellent easter!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Handsome for Easter

I love easter! The boys get all dressed up and look so handsome! And the excitement for chocolate bunny ears fills the house. And it means spring is here! Hooray!

Our egg collection

We had lots of fun eggs this year! And lots of eggsalad sandwiches =) Yumm!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a new season

This year Noah decided to give volleyball a try. He was a little unsure at first, but after his first day of practice he came back to say "It rocks!" Its so fun to see your kids try something new and love it!

They had a great season! He loved his coach and 5th grade teacher Mr. Maddox. Noah and Logan put there money together and bought a volleyball net for the we play all the time!! Looks like we now have a new Volleyball season to look forward to!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello Baby!

We were all soo excited when we found out my sister was expecting her first baby! We soon found out that it would be a boy (yeah for boy cousins!) and his name would be Appollo. We wanted to do something special for Becky and Aaron, so my mom and I planned a baby shower at one of our favorite restraunts in old town Clovis-Luna's. Yumm!
Becky was soo cute! So much fun celebrating this new addition to our family! =)

Whats a shower with out cake??

Lots of presents for this special little guy!

Becky and Pam

Paigey, Becky and aunt Shortie

Shannon and Jamie
Lots of good food, family and anticipation to go around!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Hearts

I love valentines day! I love it because its our anniversary, and because its such a fun day to tell those around you how much you love them! We celebrated 18 years together-wow! time really flys when you are having fun! We did our date nite to celebrate then helped the kids celebrate too! We filled there room with valentine balloons-boy were they surprised when they got up! I think we had over 40 ballons !!
whats valentines without a heart shaped cookie and LOTS of frosting??

Logans school party
Hes such a ham!! He doesnt look like hes having any fun does it??

My heart is soo full! I am so blessed to have so much love in my life! I truely have a wonderful family that keeps me laughing and smiling, extended family that supports and loves us and friends that I can count on in a pinch. To all of you HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!